Sunday, March 25, 2007

What NZ thinks Dunedin students Wear

Wow. These guys do the stubbies just like Dunedin students should- except that we don't. Or at least we can't pull it off like them.

Students day at Wingatui Races

You would not believe the weather this Sunday. We were bronzing up in our itsy bitsy outfits but shading our wine-flushed faces with gorgeous hats. Hoorah. OCOM(Otago Commerce Student Association) held a fantastic marquee and went to town on best-dressed prizes.

Students day at Wingatui Races

Students day at Wingatui Races

Students day at Wingatui Races

Critic article

Campus Couture

Otago University is the place to spot student styles- because everyone has to go to class or the cafe's at some point in their degree! Many of these shots contributed to the "Campus + Catwalk = Couture" article in the 4th edition of Critic(University magazine), see above.

Campus couture

Sunday, March 11, 2007

VODAFONE ID FASHION SHOW- Dunedin Railway Station

Movie making (title unknown)

Snapped up once again